Cardano Founder Shares Big Plans with Daily Crypto Signals.

  • Founder of Cardano — Charles Hoskinson discusses the project’s future.
  • Hoskinson says solid announcements will come on Friday.
  • ADA price has surged amid the successful launching of Alonzo testnet phases.

Charles Hoskinson — the Founder of Cardano, shares the latest update about where his project is at right now. Along with this, he teases the community about an upcoming announcement on Friday. This is an update that he is very excited about.

In detail, the Cardano team has been hard at work to fulfill the project’s dream of building a fully functioning enhanced blockchain. Additionally, Hoskinson is humbled and incredibly jubilant about all the support that the project has gotten so far.

The update came in the form of a very informative video from the founder himself. The video made its debut on Hoskinson’s Twitter page.

  • The highlight of the video is that the Cardano team had a sit-down to put dates and times for their future launches. The team is certain that they can meet these new milestones on time. In fact, the team is pretty confident of their schedule for the Alonzo hard fork.So far, the Alonzo hard fork has been staying on track. With the successful launch of Alonzo Blue, users on the Cardano network can now process simple smart contracts. Now with Alonzo White complete, the network is running demo DApps as well.

    More so, thanks to a successful Alonzo White launch, Alonzo Purple took flight this month. The last two phases will be Alonzo Red and Alonzo Black. After all this, the final Alonzo mainnet will go live after a short period.

    The date of the final Alonzo mainnet hard fork will most likely be confirmed on Friday as Hoskinson says on the video. At the moment, the team is on board with the schedule and will confirm it to the public once all the partners give the go-ahead.

    Finally, Hoskinson says that the Plutus Core is getting the most attention. This will ensure that the developers and their software can build the best most stable network. He also speaks of future projects like Genesis distribution and Hydra layer 2. To add on, he even guarantees that projects like Yoroi will be receiving updates.

    Suffice to say the Cardano team and their visionary leader are hard at work to meet their user’s expectations. Moreover, he concludes by saying we will explore a lot more about the project’s future at the upcoming Cardano Summit 2021. In light of the recent activity, the price of ADA has surged to $1.79. Cardano

Cardano Founder Shares Big Plans

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Cardano Founder Shares Big Plans

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Cardano Founder Shares Big Plans

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