Survey: 40% of institutional crypto investors

More than 80% of institutional investors polled that have already invested in digital assets expect to increase their exposure.

Survey: 40% of institutional crypto investors

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A new survey suggests that hedge fund executives, wealth managers, and institutional investors already holding crypto assets intend to increase their holdings.

The survey, conducted by London-based crypto fund Nickel Digital Asset Management, revealed that 82% of the 100 investors and wealth managers polled expect to increase their exposure to digital assets between now and 2023.

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The research, conducted online in May and June and shared with Cointelegraph, surveyed 50 wealth managers and 50 institutional investors with prior exposure to crypto assets spanning the U.S., U.K., France, Germany and the UAE.

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Four out of ten, or 40%, stated that they will “dramatically increase their holdings” with just 7% stating that they intend to reduce their exposure, and only 1% planning to sell their entire holdings.

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The survey revealed that the primary reason given for investing more in digital assets is the long-term capital growth prospects according to 58% of the respondents.

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Survey: 40% of institutional crypto investors

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Survey: 40% of institutional crypto investors

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