New DeFi And ERC-20 Tokens Join’s

Crypto Signals – In a bid to help customers diversify their cryptocurrency portfolios with DeFi options, stablecoins, and popular ERC-20 tokens, has added another 19 coins to its available listings.

Inclusion Of DeFi & ERC-20 Options Designed To Expand Overall Ecosystem Access

Bitcoin rises 9.8% to $39,035

As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve drastically, it has opened several opportunities for traders to capitalize on market fluctuations. Following the accelerated adoption of DeFi protocols and stablecoins across the globe, institutional traders and retail investors are seeking more ways than ever to diversify crypto investment portfolios.

To address the rising demand for more tradable assets,, one of the largest regulated tokenized assets exchanges, has risen to the occasion after adding a fresh batch of tokens.

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Since its inception, the platform has been bridging the gap between the new world of crypto and real-world financial assets, offering crypto investors the option to diversify their portfolios by accessing a diverse range of digital assets.

Continuing upon their mission of building a seamless financial democracy, has incorporated 19 new ERC-20 and DeFi tokens with their platform. All of these tokens are now available for trading, paired with USDC and USDT.

Trace Network to Conduct $100k users can now invest in the US government-regulated USDC tokens and the Dai token, the decentralized stablecoin of MakerDAO. Both of these stablecoins exhibit enormous market capitalizations, topping $24 billion and $5.2 billion, respectively.

Greater Diversity Of Access & Ideas Arrives

With the addition of these tokens, the total number of tokenized assets, equities, and commodities on has crossed the 2000 mark, allowing investors to diversify their digital assets well beyond cryptocurrencies alone.

Bitcoin price steady around $40,000

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New DeFi And ERC-20 Tokens Join’s

New DeFi And ERC-20 Tokens Join’s

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New DeFi And ERC-20 Tokens Join’s

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