Norton360 antivirus tool will mine Ethereum

Crypto Signals / Cybersecurity firm, NortonLifeLock, has launched Norton Crypto, a tool allowing consumers to “safely” mine cryptocurrency through its Norton 360 product.

From June 3, select 360 users will be invited to join Norton’s early adopter program for Ethereum mining. Norton emphasized that its service allows users to mine without requiring they switch off their antivirus software.

Bitcoin rejects near $37.5K

Norton360 antivirus tool will mine Ethereum

The billionaire wealth manager says digital yuan may compete with Bitcoin.
He claims that China’s CBDC may become the next reserve currency.
Earlier this year he expressed his concerns relating to the regulatory risks for Bitcoin.
One-time crypto-skeptic Ray Dalio now owns Bitcoins.
Ray Dalio, the founder and CEO of the world’s largest investment firm Bridgewater Associates, has once again become vocal about Bitcoin. In a recent interview with CNBC, the famous investor postulated that Bitcoin may one day face competition from China’s digital yuan.

The US Dollar as the Primary Reserve Currency

Ray Dalio outlined the possibility of digital yuan succeeding the dollar as the next global reserve currency. He even noted this may even happen sooner than we expect.

“I think incrementally it will happen faster than most people expect,” the investor stated. “A lot has to do not just with what China does. It has to do with what the dollar does.”

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Bitcoin’s average transaction fee drops

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Norton360 antivirus tool will mine Ethereum

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